Selecting an AV Integrator: Three Points to Consider

Learning how to choose the right company will ensure you're getting the AV systems you need and protect your bottom line
Selecting an AV Integrator: Three Points to Consider
By @Joey Davis 
Managing Editor, AVIXA

Because we live in an era of innovation, most organizations are integrating a variety of technologies to sustain themselves in increasingly competitive markets. Audiovisual systems have become crucial to this endeavor for a variety of reasons, including a dispersed and decentralized workforce. 

As companies begin upgrading their older systems, or implementing AV for the first time, they're finding choosing the right tech stack to be a daunting task. With infinitely more choices available today than just five years ago, they're turning to AV integration services for advice and installation. But, just as there are now more choices in AV technology, the landscape has become crowded with companies lining up to install and service them. Choosing the right one for your needs is essential. The wrong one could cost your organization thousands, even millions, of dollars. Here are three tips for hiring AV system integration services that will ensure your business's bottom line is protected and you get the AV systems you need:

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