Requirements For the CTS-D and CTS-I Certification

There are specific requirements you must meet before you can apply for either the CTS-D or CTS-I exam. Keep reading to find out more!
Requirements For the CTS-D and CTS-I Certification

Before you can start applying for the CTS-D or CTS-I exams, ensure you meet the requirements below. The Certification Department cannot process your application if you do not meet these requirements.

CTS-I Exam Application Requirements:

  • Have an active CTS Certification
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in Installation

CTS-D Exam Application Requirements:

  • Have an active CTS Certification
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in Design

Having An Active CTS Certification

An active CTS certification means your certification cannot be expired or be within its Grace Period. After your CTS certification expires, you automatically get a 120-day Grace Period to gain RUs and submit your renewal. During this time, your certifications become inactive. You have until your certification's expiration date to submit an application for the specialty designations.

Having 2 Years of Experience

To verify the required experience for both exam applications, we ask for the contact information of a third-party verifier (anyone other than yourself) that can attest to your experience. The verifier can be a colleague, former employer, or another AV peer in the industry etc. When using the online form to fill out your application, you will be required to input the email of your verifier. Once you submit your application, an automated email will be sent to your verifier with a link to verify your experience. Once we receive verification of your experience and you submit payment, you will receive a Candidate Eligibility Notice via email. The Eligibility Notice will contain instructions on how to schedule your exam through Pearson VUE.

Do you meet the requirements and are interested in applying?

You can apply for the CTS-I or CTS-D exam here. By clicking on the Certification tab and choosing the designation in the drop-down menu, you will see a section labeled Steps to Getting Certified. On the bottom left square, you will see the Online Application link. This link will take you to our online application and to our payment store for credit card payments.

Have questions on the application process? Contact for assistance.

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