Recruiting For Diversity--There's More to Building A Diverse Workforce

Recruiting For Diversity--There's More to Building A Diverse Workforce

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In addition to a competitive job market, employers are also competing for diverse talent.  With so much focus on company DEI efforts over the last few years, an obvious solution seems to be to hire candidates of varied racial, ethnic, gender, etc. categories.  However, as this article by Fast Company suggests, there is more to building a diverse workforce than the people you bring into an organization.  Having a more inclusive strategy might include development and advancement opportunities for existing employees, especially in a leadership pipeline, as well as attracting and retaining employees whose values align with the company's, and whose experience, unique perspective, and skills contribute to the organization's goals.  Companies may also want to consider offering programs and supportive resources to nurture employees' personal and professional needs, as described in this article in reference to working parents, to retain top talent.  These avenues are likely to prove to be more sustainable and effective options for long-term diversity and inclusion efforts. 

What has your organization done to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce?

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