Q&A: What tech firms can do to grow their Black workforce

From Computerworld: Research firm Jobs for the Future surveyed more than 1,000 Black adults and analyzed 200 organizations with successful strategies for hiring Black tech workers. JFF vice president and report lead author Michael Collins discusses the problems — and solutions.
Q&A: What tech firms can do to grow their Black workforce

A really important read about black workers in technology - the biases that still exist, the systematic issues including location, access, mentorship and more. If you are interested in understanding the issue - this is a must read article.

The technology industry is expected to see a 13% uptick in employment through 2030. Black Americans, however, are notably underrepresented in the industry.

While Black workers account for almost 12% of the overall workforce in the US, Black men represent 7.4% of the technology labor pool, and Black women represent just 3%.

In February, Jobs for the Future (JFF), a nonprofit research and workplace equity strategy organization, published the results of an analysis of more than 200 start-ups, schools, nonprofits, and other programs focused on the development of Black talent in technology.

You can read the article in its entirety from Computerworld here: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3657048/qanda-what-tech-firms-can-do-to-grow-their-black-workforce.html?

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