Pro AV is What Really Makes Your TikTok Go Viral

Audio and video quality significantly impact a TikTok's success.
Pro AV is What Really Makes Your TikTok Go Viral

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Does your video content have what it takes to grab someone’s attention in the first 3 seconds? The hook of a video is the most important in capturing a person’s attention. Popular Content Management System (CMS) Buffer restates TikTok’s findings that “Over 63% of all videos with the highest click-through rate (CTR) highlight their key message or product within the first three seconds.” The key to a successful viral video is knowing the primary components that can capture a scrolling user's attention.

High-quality audio and compelling video greatly enhance a user's receptiveness. Studies show that social media depletes people’s attention span over time, especially in students scrolling through TikTok. Unlike Instagram reels which have a 90-second maximum, TikTok has been allowing video uploads of up to 30 minutes since 2024. It has been branded as a storytelling platform, known for its lower but sustained energy in content. Audio and video quality significantly influence a TikTok's success.

Why is audio important?

Good audio quality provides a listener with clarity. Many TikTok trends are based on a popular song or sound that has gone viral. When people hear something familiar, there’s a higher probability that they will continue listening, and not swipe right past it. Capturing someone's attention with a powerful statement or specific piece of advice is the first step to engaging with fans — the more challenging part is sustaining their interest.

TikTok’s analytics engine Trendpop has found that 81% of likes are achieved in the first week of a video being posted. Videos that rack up high engagement quickly will obtain over half of their likes and comments in the first 24 hours. That clear audio hook at the beginning of a video is essential to getting those early views before your video is lost in the TikTok shuffle. Clear audio can be reached with an external smartphone mic or wireless audio system. This can rid both static and background noise.

Why is video important?

Video provides background information that isn’t necessarily communicated verbally. Grabbing someone’s eye gives them something to respond to or comment on. Hootsuite emphasizes that clear visuals define whether your video is easily understandable on screen. Whether this be decent lighting, interesting transitions, or fun edits, what is being shown should give a clear direction of the video’s purpose. Adobe shared in an article that “the TikTok algorithm will push your content to more ‘For You’ pages if the first few viewers watch for more than three seconds.” The recommended format is vertical orientation (9:16), as TikTok is more likely to promote videos that are close-up and personal. Utilizing the full screen maximizes your chances of catching someone's attention, even in their peripheral vision.

What professional AV tools, if any, do you use for creating social media videos? Have you observed a difference in audience response to your content when the quality of your audiovisuals is higher?

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4 days ago

At LRAV, we've observed a significant difference in audience response when the quality of our audiovisuals is higher. For our social media content, we utilize high-quality microphones, which has greatly increased engagement. Clear, crisp audio makes a noticeable impact on how our audience perceives our content. We've also found that incorporating trending sounds and movements while still staying true to our brand and industry has been very effective. This approach not only increases views but also attracts new followers. By blending current trends with our unique identity, we create content that resonates with a broader audience while maintaining our distinctive voice.