Posting in Multiple Rooms - Tip #9

Posting in Multiple Rooms - Tip #9

If you’ve posted content you may have noticed that, when designating where your post will appear, you can select multiple Channels but are limited to selecting only one Room. The reasoning behind this limitation is sound – Rooms are highly-focused micro communities, and the content should be specific to its unique audience.  

AVIXA Xchange is a global community that spans various markets and languages, bridges events and social issues, and more.  As such, some content may very well be suitable for multiple Rooms. For example, a panel discussion on learning environments held at InfoComm bridges audiences watching both the InfoComm 22 and Tech Managers Rooms. An announcement by a global partner may be appropriate to share in multiple languages, prompting a post in forums hosting specific regions or languages, etc. Whatever the circumstances, you may wish to post content to not only multiple Channels, but multiple Rooms.

So why not be able to select them all at once? The answer rests with your audience: AVIXA Xchange guides members to share content that matters with each micro community.

Before simply copy/pasting your original content to a second Room, take a moment to think about the individuals participating in the space. Is your content relevant “as is” to those members or would it benefit from a few edits?

Some things to consider:

  • Rather than just reposting the content, consider turning it into a conversation. You can go to the Room, “Start a Conversation” using your content, and invite members to provide input. If you’ve already published your original post, you could pose a question or offer a summary of the content and link to it from your conversation. Get creative and stir up some lively discussions!
  • Are you a provider interested in gauging the effectiveness of your posts? If so, consider slightly altering the title and subtitle (introduction) to suit each audience. This will enhance your ability to capture their attention while enabling you to gauge each post’s performance.
  • If you're sharing across regions or posting in multiple languages, adjust your scheduled publishing time based on the time zone of your alternate audience.

And that’s it. While re-posting is an extra step, it will ensure the content is specifically tailored to each of Xchange’s unique communities.

 Thanks for contributing! Please share any tips you may have with the community!

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