[Podcast] AI and the Smart Workplace

AVI's Brad Sousa will be conducting a workshop at ISE on AI and integration into the smart workplace. For a glimpse of what may be in store, catch this podcast with Modern CTO's Joel Beasley
[Podcast] AI and the Smart Workplace

Image credit AVI Systems

Modern CTO talks with Brad Sousa, CTO, AVI Systems about "what determines the “creepy meter” of AI; the phenomenon of AI creating more data than humans; and why radical giving can be the key to your growth as a leader."

Listen now!  The Creepy Personalization of AI's

And for a recap of the podcast, be sure to read Chuck Grothaus's AI and Where the Smart Workplace is Headed on the AVI Systems blog. 

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about 2 months ago

@Brad Sousa Very insightful podcast! That project which auto-completes code is fascinating, I can see that being beneficial in so many ways. And when it comes to the future of language translation, AI can certainly be a big help there too. I think the future is for AI to be more predictive of our routines to help us schedule meetings and help with productivity. Whenever I think of the “creepy meter” of AI, it always reminds me a bit of that uncanny valley phenomenon. But I see the potential for AI to make such a big difference.