Metaverse And Virtual Events

Are you like me, and thought the Metaverse was just another way to talk about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? This article from BizBash helps explain the Metaverse and its potential for changing the face of events.
Metaverse And Virtual Events

My favorite anecdote from this article:

It’s essentially a further evolution of the digital events and meetings many of us attend every day, and a lot of virtual platforms already embrace many metaverse concepts like avatars. Jennifer Best, vice president of marketing at speaker bureau All American Entertainment, says that the metaverse will “transform the way we meet by remedying the number-one grievance event planners have about virtual events—that current virtual event platforms do not allow for the level of engagement they desire at their events.”

Best argues that chat boxes and breakout rooms can only take events so far, and that by incorporating key metaverse components like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars, video and more, users can be more fully immersed and interact with each other in more authentic ways. “The benefits of meeting in a virtual reality setting will include business meetings and conferences where networking can actually take place by the ‘virtual coffee stand,’” she explains.

Totally worth a read and can't wait to discuss whether or not you are open to avatars and more of a life inside the Metaverse!

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over 1 year ago

Nice read, Joe. Thanks for sharing! I recall that back in 2009, there was similar platform called Second Life- when things weren't really so 'virtual'. As part of a global marketing team,  we toyed with the idea of the platform replacing physical events to some extent with the sole intention to reduce costs and carbon footprint. Most people said, " looks interesting, but what do I do here? What is my avatar supposed to do? It can never replace the beauty and impact of a physical meeting, nah!".  The platform was just not ready as people were not ready to accept this shift.

However, Black Swan events like the pandemic has changed the course of how and where people meet. Will be interesting to see how this platform evolves and how the adoption takes off in the new normal. 

Here is an actual use case of a logo launch by a team of Indian Premier League!