Member Question regarding 4K VideoWall Scaler

Seeking help from our Xchange Community!
Member Question regarding 4K VideoWall Scaler

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Dear community,

A fellow member, @Venkatesan Shanmugam, has posed a question in our Q&A, "Is there any 4K Video wall Scaler or Processer to convert aspect ratio of 16:9 to 9:16"?

Please share your expertise or tag an individual or provider that may be of help. I'll start with a few possibilities.... @Crestron Electronics, Inc., @Barco. @ADI Global,.....

Thanks in advance!

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Go to the profile of Rich Sasson
about 1 year ago

Hi @Lisa Matthews, CTS, thank you for the tag.

Hi @Venkatesan Shanmugam  are you trying to display content in Portrait mode?  If so Crestron DM-NVX 36X series products supports customized video wall formats.

Video Wall Processing
NOTE: Video wall processing applies to DM-NVX-36x(C) devices that function as 
Multiple DM-NVX-36x(C) receivers can be combined to configure a video wall composed 
of up to 64 individual displays (up to eight columns of displays by eight rows of displays). 
A separate DM-NVX-36x(C) device is required for each display.  See Product Manual: DM NVX® Network AV Encoders/Decoders: DM-NVX-363, DM-NVX-360, DM-NVX-363C, DM-NVX-360C ( for more information.

Or based on the question are you looking to rotate and rescale the image to a format that differs from the source?

Go to the profile of Venkatesan Shanmugam
about 1 year ago

Thank you Mr. Sasson for your clear explanation. Yes the idea is to display 4k content in Portrait mode. 

On the Display side we have option-1 to arrange 55" Displays in portrait mode or option-2 -Active LED in portrait configuration(since active LED does not support in portrait mode we have to place it in Landscape only by arranging row and columns in such way that looks  like Portrait mode).

So we want to rotate the content and scale it to 9:16 ratio.

Go to the profile of Rich Sasson
about 1 year ago

@Venkatesan Shanmugam to display the content in a 9:16 aspect ratio as you have described, your source content would need to be rendered in the format you are looking to display when using DM-NVX. Depending on your budget you may wish to look at Video Wall Processors ( or Video Wall Processor Comparison | RGB Spectrum if you are not able to rotate the source content.

Go to the profile of Venkatesan Shanmugam
about 1 year ago

Certainly Mr. Sasson we have to go with Videowall Processor with rotation capability as we can't expect from the client that content in 9:16 format. So it's better to have this feature in Video wall processor.

Thanks for your guidance.