Meet the New WiCT Board Members

We sat down with Mandy Beckner and Norma Garcia-Muro to chat about their recent appointment to the Women in Consumer Technology advisory board.
Meet the New WiCT Board Members

Last month, Women in Consumer Technology (WiCT) added Amanda “Mandy” Beckner, CEDIA’s vice president of education and training, and Norma Garcia-Muro, vice president of marketing at Kaleidescape, to its board.

We sat down with Beckner and Garcia-Muro to chat about their recent appointment and their plans for the organization.

LAVNCH [CODE]: What motivated you to join the board of Women in Consumer Technology?

BECKNER: Anyone who’s met Carol Campbell [the organization’s founder] can tell you what a galvanizing force she is. I was reminded of that gift when I observed the Leadership Coaching event in Washington, D.C. in June 2022. Every participant had a strong reason for being there, was fully engaged in the program and supported each other’s growth. This is a dynamic that doesn’t just happen. It’s built on trust and connection and the WiCT leaders are dedicated to valuing and celebrating that dynamic.

GARCIA-MURO: Empowering women within the technology and film industry is a personal mission of mine. I’ve been championing numerous organizations in my career that fit my passions. I would like to see women take on leadership roles so we can help shape the future of innovation and storytelling. As an executive, I feel a personal responsibility to elevate diverse voices and open doors so others can also have a seat at the table.

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