May Index Published

May Index Published

We shared a preview of the topline numbers on the Xchange here a couple weeks ago. Now, the full post is up on the AVIXA website. Here are a few key takeaways: 1) Sales growth has decelerated, but remains at a rate above what was normal in pre-pandemic times. 2) Inflation is a growing economic issue, as central banks are required to slow the economy to get it back under control. Pro AV prices are more stable than the overall though. 3) Payroll expansion is happening rapidly, despite the challenge of few available workers in the wider economy.  

For now, it remains a good time in the AV industry.  Growth has decelerated and economic risks have increased, but the return to in-person activity is driving industry growth.  Barring significant economic change, we expect that to continue for the next several months at least.

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