Making Marvel Movie Magic: Virtual Production in Popular Films | AV Reacts

Explore the history and evolution of virtual production techniques in some of our favorite movies, from Marvel to Star Wars, and even golden-age films!
Making Marvel Movie Magic: Virtual Production in Popular Films | AV Reacts

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The emergence of virtual production tech has elevated the filming process of your favorite blockbusters to the next level. But how far back can we trace these techniques through history? Leon is joined by Hope Roth of QSC, Mark Mims of Home Studios, and Charles Heureaux of AVIXA to break down some movie-making magic. As always, we have some fun while we discuss the topic!

Some takeaways from this episode:

- Virtual production has actually been around in various forms for decades

See examples from North by Northwest, Jason and the Argonauts, and even Kill Bill

- Reasons folks might choose to use virtual production today:

Virtual production can have positive impacts on budget.

Virtual production enables actors to give even better performances.

Virtual production allows an elegant blend of storytelling and technology

- Implications for using virtual production today:

- Opens up doors for more professional education

- Requires a new set of skills for filmmakers and AV technologists

- Careful application can make or break an audience's experience - either supporting or distracting from the story.

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