Make it a habit to check the Q&A - Tip #3

Make it a habit to check the Q&A - Tip #3

Greetings Xchange Community!

On to Tip #3 -Make it a habit to check the Q&A

The Q&A provides a way to ask a question of the entire community. So, if you’re wanting advice, looking for a subject matter expert, or just wanting to pose a general question to the members, ask away! It also serves as a good reference for some FAQs. (Side tip: Questions may also be posed by starting a conversation in one of our many Rooms, which can be an effective way to target your audience.)

Unlike Channels or Rooms, however, the Q&A doesn’t have the ability to be “Watched” so you won’t be alerted to new Questions in the queue. You may want to make it a habit to periodically check it. It’s a great way to keep a pulse on the community.

If you’d like to respond to someone’s question but don’t have access to answer it on the page, you can instead click on the member’s name (displayed as an active link beside their avatar) and start a conversation with them directly from their profile!

The Q&A can be accessed via the dropdown menu in the upper left.

What would YOU like to know? Just ask a few thousand of your closest friend!

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