LED DREAM Group champions architectural innovation in Madrid and Barcelona

We continue to champion innovation, making a significant impact in the field of interior #design and contemporary architecture in #Madrid and #Barcelona.
LED DREAM Group champions architectural innovation in Madrid and Barcelona

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A Significant Impact on Interior Design and Contemporary Architecture

LED DREAM Group continues to champion innovation, making a significant impact in the field of interior design and contemporary architecture.

Their cutting-edge projects combine LED technology with advanced lighting systems to create unique spaces that stand out with their own personality. These spaces reflect the commitment of companies and brands to energy savings and embrace a new configurative alternative for spaces.

Thanks to these projects, a significant mark is being left on the architecture of major Spanish cities, showcasing the forefront of what can be achieved by combining design, architecture, and technology.

Four Projects Exemplifying This Trend

L’Illa Diagonal, Barcelona

The shopping center has unveiled an interactive digital ceiling, revolutionizing the retail sector with a 1100 square meter installation featuring over 200,000 pixels. This technology allows for the projection of auroras and imaginary landscapes, creating a unique immersive experience for visitors.

Espai Mataró Connecta, Mataró

Inspired by the sensory elements of the locality, sea, and mountains, this space features a 36-meter-wide interactive multimedia facade with over 300 slats, transmitting "Sound Landscapes and Sensations of Mataró." This provides a visual and auditory experience like no other.

Lobby of Offices Corporate Álaba 111, Barcelona

This building, the first in Spain certified as WiredScore, stands out for its advanced digital infrastructure and connectivity. The building's entrance has been transformed with 350 linear meters of dynamic digital lighting, merging LED technology with innovative architecture.

Pub Babilon, Galicia

This Galician pub has become a benchmark for integrated RGB LED lighting with its cellular or parametric digital ceiling. This project demonstrates how modern design and LED technology can create unique and attractive spaces.

But these are just examples of LED DREAM Group's work. The company has also collaborated in creating immersive lobbies in iconic buildings like the Edificio Urbit and the Edificio Beatriz. They have also worked on other projects such as Diagonal 123 and Velázquez 86D, enhancing visitor experiences by blending LED technology with modern architecture.

Architecture Serving Productivity and Well-Being

In the field of interior design and contemporary architecture, innovation is geared towards enhancing productivity and the well-being of work teams.

This involves designing striking lobbies and multi-purpose rooms to improve user experience.

This innovation process is driven by integrating LED technology, advanced lighting systems, and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, transforming workspaces into more efficient and relaxing environments.

"These advancements not only create immersive environments but also improve communication and collaboration among teams, fostering a more productive and participatory work atmosphere," explain LED DREAM Group. They see how personalized lighting can adapt to specific needs, integrating natural elements and rest areas into new buildings.





About Lumalia Studio: 

Lumalia Studio, a part of the LED DREAM Group, specializes in creating and executing dynamic digital lighting projects. Their approach combines ideas and creativity with innovative techniques and technologies to offer unique and distinctive solutions. At Lumalia, they design and create lighting concepts based on carefully selecting products that meet their high-quality standards and extensive professional experience. They also stand out for manufacturing custom-made luminaires tailored to their clients' projects. They are committed to providing the best lighting experience possible, offering solutions that perfectly match their clients' needs and expectations.

For more information: atencioncliente@lumalia.es / www.lumalia.es

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