Learning from the World’s Most Immersive Entertainment Hub

In this district, experiences come to life courtesy of unique and technical capabilities. ISE attendees will be able to receive an inside scoop on the project at AVIXA Xchange Live, booth 3Q400.
Learning from the World’s Most Immersive Entertainment Hub

In the heart of London, an immersive entertainment district awaits. This new entertainment district, Outernet London, uses the latest and greatest tech to create unique experiences and eye-catching displays.

Stumble across Outernet London at the intersection of Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross. You’ll uncover public galleries featuring giant Ultra HD screens capable of delivering some of the most jaw-dropping AV experiences in the world. There is also a 2000-capacity state-of-the-art live music venue and additional music and retail spaces.

Outernet London is no stranger to utilizing technology to create immersive, modern experiences. Outernet London wows its audience and creates new experiences worth sharing in this digital age by bringing together innovative technology and creative storytelling tools. Known as a home for music, arts, culture (and even metaverse creators), this entertainment district must be experienced to be believed.

As a global media and entertainment company, Outernet combines the epic scale of floor-to-ceiling screens with the world’s greatest storytellers and information providers. Commuters, local communities, and tourists enjoy a new experience every day, while Outernet is continuously refreshed by a carousel of broadcasters, video artists, news sources, advertisers, and live events.

In this district, experiences come to life in new, breathtaking ways courtesy of unique and technical capabilities.

Located in Central London, Outernet London opened its brand-new immersive media, music, and cultural district in the autumn of 2022. The space contains an immense digital canvas – including a massive 5-story high, floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree, 16k LED screen surface with 4D and interactive capabilities, making it the most advanced immersive building in the world. More than 100M visitors per year will experience great broadcast content, live events, brand launches, product drops, celebrity endorsements, and a world-class program of art exhibitions.

Mike Whittaker joined the project as CTO, where he was immediately tasked with realizing the ambitious technical plans. In this upcoming Fireside chat, we ask Whittaker how he approached such a vast project, what the tech challenges were, and how the experience has been received so far. 

Whittaker will be interviewed by AVIXA Regional Manager Ben Barnard at ISE 2023. The Fireside chat, “Designing the world’s most immersive entertainment hub,” will go on at AVIXA Xchange Live, booth 3Q400, from 12:00 - 12:45 PM on February 1, 2023. ISE attendees will have a chance to check out this session and more.

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Go to the profile of Jaisica Lapsiwala
about 1 year ago

I have seen the space in Tottenham Court Road and it is awesome. Really looking forward to this session @Mike Whittaker and @Ben Barnard 🙌🏽

Go to the profile of Ben Barnard
about 1 year ago

Me too! I went to an event there last year and it was incredible. Looking forward to finding out more about the project during our chat :)