Join Us for Xchange Talks at InfoComm 2024!

Join Us for Xchange Talks at InfoComm 2024!

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For InfoComm 2024, we're bringing the conversation on Xchange to the showroom floor with Xchange Talks! Xchange Talks is a new initiative on Xchange, aimed at enhancing the conversation between audiences and panel speakers. Audiences can ask speakers questions, talk about key points discussed during the panel, and converse about the topic of the panel! Speakers may address comments seen on Discussion posts, or even directly answer the question on-stage during the panel!

Select sessions have been included as a part of Xchange Talks, including panels from both the Xchange LIVE Stage (W2847) and the Technology Innovation Stage (C8676). You can find a list of included sessions further down this page.

Participating in an Xchange Talk is easy! Just log in, select from a session below, navigate to the Discussion post through the link provided, and respond with your question or discussion point. It's that simple! Discussions can also be accessed through the Discussions homepage, where you can search the name of the session you'd like to see.

Xchange Talks panels at InfoComm 2024:

June 12th

June 13th

June 14th

Have questions or feedback for the Xchange team? Please reach out to, or use the "Provide Feedback" link in the sidebar!

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