ISE 2022 Review - LG Business

Worth taking a 2 minute video tour of what LG highlighted at ISE 2022 with kiosk and SuperSign. The 2023 video will be available shortly. For more info email
ISE 2022 Review - LG Business

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Here we are in the retail zone 

The retail industry in general is quickly transitioning to a more digital world and LG's innovative solutions are leading this trend. Let's take a closer look together.

The windows-based 27-inch LG kiosk allows non-face-to-face ordering this new way to purchase goods and place orders will most probably forever change the customer's experience in stores and 

The large high-resolution display makes it easy for users to find information quickly and also displays ads when not in use. This innovative kiosk blends in nicely with any kind of interior and is also designed in consideration of customers with vision and physical disabilities by supporting an audio navigation keypad and low-position mode.

With super sign qsr store and restaurant owners now have a one-stop shop digital solution that can take customer orders, manage wait lists and do much more.

When a customer places an order that order instantly shows up on the kitchen display which is integrated with the point of sale and the customer can also check their order status and get notified when the food is ready.

what you see here is the new window-facing display the screen can support up to 4000 nits for clear visibility even under direct sunlight and will definitely catch anyone's attention this 
product can easily be installed on a window and also have a uhd signage attached to its backside in order to entertain people both inside and outside.

Available in two sizes this ip rated and the outdoor display is ideal for drive-thrus. 

The 21.5 inch model supports up to 1500 nits and the 55 inch model supports up to 4000 nits both are ip rated for water and dust resistance which makes them reliable for outdoor settings.

Let's wind down at a sports pub shall we this bezel-less gigantic screen is the 110-inch uhd signage it will draw you in and definitely get the crowds going on big game nights.

It's pretty clear to me and hopefully to you as well that all these lg innovations will help boost your sales and enhance your customer's experience.

More Information

  • The current LG kiosk comes with Windows 10
  • The AudioNav by Storm Interface has become the standard for customer order terminals. This provides an ideal level of ADA compliance.


Here is a demo by Dolphin showing accessibility on an LG kiosk

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