Hi everyone, I'm excited to introduce myself as the Marketing and Service Lead at Candeo Vision. With over 6 years of experience in the administration industry, primarily in education, I have developed a strong skillset in communication, problem-solving, marketing, leadership, and volunteering. In my current role, I assist the IT Helpdesk Team & Warehouse with general admin/communications, resolve issues, implement new processes, as well as focus on marketing activities, including creating schedules, content, and guidelines.

I have a great interest in the IT industry, and my recent involvement with the AV community has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. It has opened my eyes to new perspectives and insights about the intersection of technology and audio-visual systems.

In this short period of time, I have gained valuable knowledge and made meaningful connections with professionals in the AV field. This has allowed me to broaden my understanding of how technology can be applied to create immersive and engaging experiences through audio and visual media.

Overall, my time with the AV community has been an enlightening journey, and I look forward to continuing to explore this exciting industry. I'm always eager to connect with other professionals in the field. I look forward to sharing my insights, learning from others, and exploring new opportunities to grow and innovate. 

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3 months ago

Welcome to AV marketing, Megan!

This is a good spot for you to meet others in the industry and stay updated on AV trends in general. 

If you'll be at InfoComm, would love for you to come to the AV Marketing Meetup.