InfoComm 2023: Diversity, Empowering Women and Workforce Development

Besides technologies and hardware, what I have seen at IC23 is an emerging trend in AV Industry, and it is about people.
InfoComm 2023: Diversity, Empowering Women and Workforce Development

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I just returned from InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, and I'm thrilled to share my experiences from this event.
The exhibition brought together various manufacturers who showcased their latest advancements in interactive displays, LED panels, control systems, audio solutions, collaboration tools, and hybrid learning equipment. However, what stood out to me the most was the emphasis on valuing people, diversity and the role of women in the audiovisual industry.
As I wandered through the exhibition halls, I witnessed the commitment of companies to promote diversity. Some generously contributed donations to the MOSAIC scholarship by the AVIXA Foundation, which focuses on inclusion and representation. One memorable moment was the keynote speech by Terrance Cooley, addressing the importance of diversity in the US Air Forces and society as a whole. It was inspiring. Congrats to Chris Fitzpatrick and Frank Padikkala, CTS-D, CEH, CHFI to make it happen.

Yet, the highlight of the event for me was the Women's Council breakfast, where I had the opportunity to attend a keynote speech by Tarika Barrett, Ph.D. , CEO of Girls Who Code. She shared her experiences and dedication to promoting the inclusion of women, particularly women of color, in the technology and programming market. It was incredibly inspiring to witness her commitment to the cause. Best event on the show, well done Tammy FuquaTyler Lawrence and Megan Kuhman, M.Ed., CAE .

As the Product Director of Grupo Discabos, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on careers in the audiovisual industry. It was fascinating to observe the different challenges and solutions faced by individuals in various roles and positions within the sector. The exchange of ideas and experiences enriched my knowledge and emphasized the importance of sharing our professional journeys. Many thanks to Sarah Joyce for host us, and for the awsome Noreen Esson and Stephen Ahlgrim, CTS-D, who I had chance to add to my pool of AV Friends !

In my role as President of the AVIXA Foundation, I had the opportunity to deliver a speech at the new E-Sports booth. It was a tremendous opportunity to attract young talent to our AV industry. Thanks Brad Sousa to make it happen.

It became evident during InfoComm 2023 that there is a significant focus on talent development. This topic is crucial for the growth of the audiovisual industry, and the AVIXA Foundation is leading efforts in this regard. It is essential to recognize that no industry can thrive growth without a solid foundation and a skilled workforce. It would be impossible to organize it without the extraordinary Joseph Valerio.

I witnessed a powerful movement towards valuing people, diversity and empowering women in the audiovisual industry. I hope that this spirit continues to drive our industry towards an even more promising future.

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