How to Prepare for the CTS exam

So you couldn't make it to InfoComm 2022 and take a prep course in person huh? Do you prefer a more measured approach to studying for your exam? A 3 day crash course not your style? Look no further than our online course work.

Here at AVIXA we offer more than just in person education.  If you'd like to study for your CTS exam but aren't able to dedicate 3 straight days to in-person training look no further than our online catalog.  Each section is self paced and you're given 180 days to complete each one once you start. It's ample time to complete them individually if you're only able to dedicate smaller amounts of time studying. Individually, the courses can takes a few minutes or up to a few hours. But that's potentially easier to manage than dedicating 3 straight days to a prep course that lasts up to 8 hours a day.

Here's a list of the courses and a quiz that we recommend you take to better prepare you for the CTS exam. Those courses are as follows: 

  • Audio 1: Essentials
  • Video 1: Essentials
  • Networking 1: Essentials
  • AV Infrastructure: Essentials
  • Certified AV Technologist Test
  • Audio 2: CTS Prep
  • Video 2: CTS Prep
  • Networking 2: CTS Prep
  • Creating AV Solutions: CTS Prep
  • Implementing AV Solutions: CTS Prep
  • Servicing AV Solutions: CTS Prep
  • CTS prep Sample Questions

These are all available to both premium and elite members at no additional charge and can be found on our website in our on-demand training catalog here: Training Catalog | AVIXA

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