HOW it can look the world of work 2023…2028?

Are you generally interested in new ways of working, how workspaces and offices will continue to develop, how modern communication and presentation technologies can be meaningfully used, and what skills we will not do without in the future? You are in the right place.
HOW it can look the world of work 2023…2028?

At the end of 2022, I was asked by Inavate Magazine, a prestigious magazine dedicated to news and inspiration in the field of AV solutions, to prepare a short insight into the future of work. Here you will find a short quote.

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While many CEOs and managers are still debating with employees how often they should be in the office, let's take an optimistic leap in time to predict what could happen in the booming world of work. Welcome to 2023…2028

To succeed in the future, organizations must follow and support the needs and desires of their employees. This translates into finding meaningful technologies, new ways and scenarios of work that make people's lives easier. It will take strategy and listening, but if you get it right, your business will be a guaranteed success.

Organizations must consciously and tangibly commit to building a whole new work culture that fosters human connections with multiple modes of communication into organizational processes and workflows. The required changes in the way we communicate and collaborate from anywhere and anytime are critical to improving employee engagement and productivity.

In 2023… hybrid work is fully accepted, employees have complete autonomy, trust and responsibility in deciding WHERE, WHEN, HOW and with WHO they will work and co-create new fresh ideas, strategies and visions. 100% physical presence in the office has become a thing of the past. Employees are full-fledged members of distributed teams who simultaneously perform various work activities. In some organizations, the 4-day work week and unlimited holidays have been expanded.

Employees no longer need to meet physically at any cost. Their employers understood that this was not the time to fight for control and power, but for trust and responsibility. Because they can only retain their employees if they offer them satisfactory working conditions that respect work-life balance.

The commands regarding the time spent in the office seem to be from another age: managers have rethought the management approach and approach work as charismatic and human leaders who support the development and strengths of their employees. They create engaging and inspiring missions that allow each employee to continuously learn and develop so that personal and organizational values complement each other as best as possible.

Real human leaders are the foundation of a truly human organization with a healthy corporate culture and positive emotions. It may not be obvious at first glance, but leaders affect people's physical and mental health more than we can imagine. How people feel at work has a huge impact on their motivation, health and performance.

The approach to work performance is completely different than in 2019-2022. Regardless of how many hours we spend at the computer, everyone can choose their own pace, provided that the desired goals are met. These are defined in consultation with the team and continuously re-evaluated over time to best match the current state and requirement.

In 2023… organizations offer employees workspaces that are maximally adapted to the needs and wishes of each individual. No more impersonal open space spaces, offices have become lively and vibrant places where something is always happening and WHERE employees like to spend their time.
Workspaces are thoughtful and innovative places that allow people to be as flexible as possible to better work, collaborate, co-create and think creatively in moments of focused individual work or team active engagement even with remote participants from around the world. Workspaces inspire and help people transform into hybrid and flexible ways of working.

Workspaces in 2023... give people the freedom to choose WHERE, WHEN, HOW, with WHOM they want to work or think individually. Additionally, the spaces create a feeling WHERE people feel less like "this is my job" and more like "this is my passion for work".

Workplaces in 2023… encourage a growth mindset as they encourage employees to constantly think, communicate, collaborate and achieve better results within the team and across the organization.

Workplaces in 2023… help employees feel good, positively excited and fully engaged. People come to the office feeling that they are not doing a 9 to 5 job, but seeing it as an opportunity to meet colleagues, friends and customers.

Technologies in 2023… are designed according to people's needs and desires, according to the desired ways of working and according to specific work scenarios. Thanks to this, technologies positively influence not only higher efficiency, engagement and creativity, but also completely new work experiences that people are looking for.

In 2023… we go to the office because we want to, because we know that there we will find colleagues, friends, comrades and committed people, inspiring work spaces, modern technologies, opportunities for personal and remote interactions that enrich, develop and educate us not only professionally, but also personally. It doesn't matter how many days we spend in the office, it's the quality of life together.

The best way to predict the future of work is to create it. Hands-on experience is the hidden super ability of an individual and a team. Let's think about the future of work through people and learning new skills in conjunction with workspaces and technology.

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The introductory photo and video comes from the creative workspaces of Pure Storage Prague - Czech republic. The accompanying visualizations are owned by AV MEDIA SYSTEMS in cooperation with Jiri Platek

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