How dynamic KVM technology simplifies operators' work

Discover how DeskWall transforms control center operations by integrating display management with a single keyboard and mouse, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.
How dynamic KVM technology simplifies operators' work

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Today's operators face the challenge of accessing a large number of different sources of information from their workplace, requiring them to physically move between various stations, each with its own keyboard and moouse, to control different systems and equipment. This reduces efficiency in decision-making in critical environments.

DeskWall addresses this by integrating various information sources into a single display, allowing operators to visualize and control everything from their operational position using only one keyboard and mouse leading to effective control over all critical situations.

Enhancing operator performance, DeskWall offers features like instant access to feeds, customizable workspaces, and the "Follow Me" function, which loads personalized settings wherever the operator logs in. This advanced KVM system ensures operators can efficiently manage critical information, improving situational awareness and decision-making.

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