Going Beyond the Table

In the final part of a three-part series from Commercial Integrator, Amala Reddie shares the details of the powerful women of AV who are tackling DEI and belonging
Going Beyond the Table

In a three-part series on women in the commercial AV industry, we delved into the achievements of women who have broken barriers and commanded the table as directors, as CEOs and in other executive positions. We witnessed women soaring to great heights, while still taking time to mentor young, up-and-coming females in our industry. These leaders we highlighted have undoubtedly helped pave the way for others’ future successes. 

Throughout this series, virtually every interviewee underlined the importance of creating a culture of inclusivity and equity…a culture within which women and others from marginalized communities can be seen and heard. Several groups have arisen in our industry in recent years that are leading the effort to inspire companies and individuals within commercial AV to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). These groups include the AVIXA Diversity Council and the NSCA DEI Action Council. Those initiatives notwithstanding, however, there’s still a long way to go before our industry truly embodies inclusivity. 

Read the entire article here: https://www.commercialintegrator.com/business_resources/operations/going-beyond-the-table/ 

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