Getting Started with a Conference Call !!

Getting Started with a Conference Call !!

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We all must have faced this and will relate to it!

Setting up a meeting is always challenging and stressful - not to mention getting started with one, especially a conference call!

Was it really? How did we manage these as compared to how we are doing now?

I was introduced to Tripp and Tyler video in my first ever CTS prep that I attended as a participant, way back in 2013 and just managed to see a current one recently. Enjoy the video  in the link below and am happy to hear out your experience(s) too - past and present!

Nice one @Barco !!

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Go to the profile of Monisha Devaiah
over 2 years ago

That was indeed a good one @TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I ! I think some of the situations in the video were very relatable, especially at the very initial days of conferencing. To think about it, video conferencing as a concept  has transcended from boardroom to classroom, where even a kindergarten student now probably knows to click and join, mute, unmute, what not! 

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu - AVIXA
over 2 years ago

Great video! Thank you for sharing.