Five Ways Digital Signage Can Make Restaurants More Appetizing

Advertising has always been the secret ingredient for restaurants. Digital signage can spice that up!
Five Ways Digital Signage Can Make Restaurants More Appetizing

Advertising has always been the secret ingredient for restaurants. Descriptive words and colorful images are enticing, allowing us to almost taste menu offerings before we ever walk into an eatery. But what happens when we are in a brick-and-mortar establishment? We're usually met with boring static posters plastered to the walls and windows and simple menu boards, neither of which make the restaurant's offerings very appetizing. 

Digital signage is a gamechanger for the food service industry, allowing patrons to see how the food is prepared, served, and enjoyed. Vibrant videos of menu items stream to various screens across dining rooms, causing us to salivate in ways pictures and words never could. Yet restaurants are lagging behind other types of retail outlets in the adoption of digital signs although that gap is closing quickly.

A previous AVIXA Xchange article discussed the economic benefits of restaurant digital signage. Now Total Food Service is out with its list of seven ways restaurants can use them to be more awesome. Here are the top 5:

1: Create Interactive Digital Menus

McDonald's pioneered this and revolutionized how the modern fast-food service industry works. They've slashed waiting times for visitors, and you don't have to be a fast-food place to do the same. Even if you operate a fast-casual, casual, or fine dining establishment, allowing people to pick from interactive menus where they can see everything you have to offer makes ordering quicker and will often result in more sales.

2: Show People Your Menu Items As Videos

Your menu offers a variety of items that people cannot imagine. What does your beef chow mien look like and how does it differ from your prawn and king crab chow mien? People are also more likely to buy items if they see your stock menu items. Their imagination won't move your product, but videos will.

3: Have Live Overstock Promotions

Are you overstocked with soups? Have you made too many hot wings? It doesn't matter, just advertise your food on the digital signage. The extra stock won't go to waste, and your customers get the best deal.

4: Tell People About Your Events

Are you having a trivia night or live entertainment? Tell people about your events using your digital signage. Instead of displaying posters every few days, show videos of each of the upcoming events and let people choose which ones they wish to attend.

5: Keep People Engaged and Profit From It!

Television monitors showing sporting events and programming for kids on local TV stations and cable systems have been around for decades. However, the advent of digital signage has created a whole industry that streams special programming onto businesses' video displays. From news and lifestyle channels to music videos and children's programming, these ad-supported services can keep your patrons entertained while allowing you to sell ad space to other businesses. 

For more on how digital signage can improve the restaurant experience, click over to Total Food Service. If you're ready to invest in digital signage for your business, read AVIXA's white paper Digital Signage for the IT Manager. It's FREE!

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