Find & Follow - Tip # 22

Find & Follow - Tip # 22

Xchange community is all about content and connections.  So, how can you find subject matter experts in your areas of interest and be sure you’re seeing the great content they’re sharing? Here’s how to find, and why you’ll want to follow, members of Xchange.

Whether you’re wanting to connect with experts, influencers or peers, Xchange offers several ways to discover individuals. You can find them based on area of interest, region, market, and more. Let’s start with the Member Directory. You can access it from the menu in the upper left.

Once opened, you can start by selecting country and then use the “Search People” field to find everyone matching your query. The search results will yield anyone with the search term as their title or in their “About” description (a great reason to complete your profile! How to Set Up Your Personal Profile! | AVIXA Xchange ). This allows you to search by expertise, specific capabilities, company name and more.

A great way to find others with shared interests is by seeing who Liked the same content. Hover over the avatars of those who have Liked it and simply click to see their profile. Once on their profile, Follow them!

Yet another way to find members is by exploring rooms. Rooms are micro-communities that are highly focused – whether regional, topical or social, you can see who’s contributing content or sharing expertise. Just click on their name and you’ll be able to see their profile and choose to Follow them.

By following members, you’ll be alerted when they’re posted new content or contributed comments. And who knows, maybe they’ll follow you back!

We all like to be followed - follow back those you are influencing and grow your network by scrolling through your influencer block or by clicking your followers.

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