Fatboy Slim presented a groundbreaking holographic show in the UK

Fatboy Slim presented a groundbreaking holographic show in the UK
Fatboy Slim presented a groundbreaking holographic show in the UK

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EE presented a groundbreaking holographic show featuring Fatboy Slim. The company unveiled a colossal holographic display featuring the iconic British DJ, Fatboy Slim. Suspended high in the sky by two towering cranes, the 50-meter-tall and 30-meter-wide holo-gauze became the canvas for this extraordinary event.

Photo Courtesy: NME

Notably, this awe-inspiring exhibition extended beyond the DJ's performance. As a tribute to the global fan base, EE encouraged enthusiasts worldwide to submit videos showcasing their dance moves prior to the event, granting them an opportunity to become virtual backup dancers. The resulting projections, appearing in the sky, united fans from various corners of the globe.

This grandiose manifestation has earned the title of "the world's largest holographic performance," an artistic feat rivaling the Leaning Tower of Pisa in height. This momentous event unfolded within the enchanting confines of Alexandra Palace in London, orchestrated by EE, the esteemed mobile phone network company, as part of its brand revitalization.

Fatboy Slim, exhilarated by the experience, shared his sentiments, exclaiming, "Last night was a whirlwind! We dominated London's skyline and etched history. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the fans who joined me on the world's most extensive holographic stage, heralding the dawn of a new era for EE."

Christian Thrane, EE's Managing Director of Marketing, expressed the significance of the event, saying, "Last night, we etched our names in history as the New EE, unveiling the world's most massive holographic performance with one of the nation's most cherished DJs. New EE is steadfast in its commitment to becoming the UK's most customer-centric technology brand, and we take immense pride in providing people across the country with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the world's grandest holographic stage with their musical icon, Fatboy Slim."

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