Exhibitors! Capture Your Audience's Attention on Xchange!

Discover how Xchange can help you connect with your audience at the show as well as those watching from afar!
Exhibitors! Capture Your Audience's Attention on Xchange!

Are you exhibiting at #ISE2023? As a manufacturer, manufacturer's representative, or distributor, we've shared tips on getting started in Xchange, but how can Xchange help you reach a tradeshow audience?

As the ProAV industry's community, #AVIXAXchange provides the perfect place to attract, inspire, inform, and connect with your desired audience. Regardless of whether they are attending the show in person or are following the hot topics and latest technologies outside of the show floor, you have the opportunity to entice them by offering a glimpse of what they'll discover at your booth or by attending a session your team is presenting. 

There are countless ways in which you can reach Systems Integrators, Consultants, Tech Managers, AV Buyers, and more. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • “Watch” the ISE Room & engage! Follow Sanj Surati, our AVIXA Xchange LIVE host, and join the conversations – What are your favorite restaurants in Barcelona? What sessions are you sponsoring or is your team participating in? Post about your activity.
  • Introduce your team before the show. Be sure they are Xchange members so that you can @tag them, giving members an easy way to click and connect with them. Isn't it great to establish that connection, set an appointment, and find an already-familiar face at the booth?
  • Invite attendees to your booth and tease what they will see. Invite non-show-goers to ask questions and invite them to "Follow" you on Xchange to stay in the know!
  • Before or during the show, interview your team's experts about the innovative technology you're introducing. A quick video can be embedded or linked and is sure to grab the audience's attention!
  • Create a short video booth tour to post, or even give a quick daily "what's happening in the booth today" update!
  • Leverage your company's social media posts - share links from your social posts or embed them in a post on Xchange and, conversely, easily share Xchange posts across your social platforms.

Have some other ideas? Please share them here and post your booth number below!

Would you like to connect to discuss your ideas or get help? You can contact your Account Manager or just chat with me here (click on my name to reach my profile and click "start a conversation" to initiate a chat) - I'm more than happy to help!

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