Easy, Portable Access with ReechCraft’s New PL-X Series

ReechCraft is excited to announce the PL-X series, a new generation of PowerLIft that will ensure accessing difficult places is easier than ever.
Easy, Portable Access with ReechCraft’s New PL-X Series

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ReechCraft, Inc., an industry leader in innovative access equipment, is proud to announce the new generation of their PowerLift push-around lift. The new PL-X series of PowerLift models will replace and expand on the previous PowerLift line.

The PL-X series comes in a modular model that can be easily customized as the job requires, as well as five pre-packaged models for customers with specific needs. It features a basket redesign with an ergonomic front entrance and tool tray. The company has also released a new compact base option to supplement their existing fixed, outrigger, and straddle bases.

“Today’s customers are demanding increased flexibility and utility out of every piece of equipment. When it comes to lifts, they are often forced to compromise by choosing a model that will do only a few jobs adequately while being too large and heavy for smaller jobs, or vice versa,” says Jason Solhjem, Product Director. “Our new PowerLift line solves that problem by introducing modular component design into the push-around lift market.”

The modular model, known as the PL-XM, increases versatility with four quick-connecting base styles and a variety of working height options. Customers can choose the exact working height and footprint configuration necessary for each job. The PL-XM is equipped with a new safety feature called height control, which keeps workers at heights within the capability of the respective base they are using.

For customers who know exactly what they need, the PL-X comes in five pre-packaged models: the PL-X4, PL-X8, PL-X12, PL-X16, and PL-X20. Each model has its own maximum platform height capability, indicated by the model name, and comes with a corresponding base that cannot be changed.

“While safety and regulation are driving the ladder replacement market, we recognize that there are significant product barriers in the way of ease of use and portability when compared to ladders. Our new line of PowerLift demonstrates our commitment to continuing to remove those barriers and make the transition from ladders to lifts easy,” says Solhjem.

More detailed information on the PL-X series and its base and height options can be found at reechcraft.com/powerlift-pl-x.

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