Digital Signage in Waiting Rooms

Fewer things are as annoying as waiting for services. Your company can alleviate that pain and build customer loyalty with digital signage.
Digital Signage in Waiting Rooms

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Humans have been waiting since time began. It's amazing how one little incident can cause delays that ripple throughout the day. When this occurs to multiple people with a shared agenda, they often find themselves in uncomfortable seats, among dusty old magazines, and staring at infomercials on television. It's called a 'waiting room,' and few things in life contribute to wasted time more than these. 

The last time you sat in a waiting room, did you burn through the battery of your phone or tablet, or did you throw yourself at the mercy of the Home Shopping Channel or Golf Digest? Regardless of why you were waiting, this wasted time may have changed your perception of the organization you were visiting. Why set an appointment if you STILL have to wait, right?

But there is some relief! Digital signage can transform the customer's perception of waiting rooms. Making the most of the time, your clients spend waiting -- whether it's through entertainment, education, or updates -- can go a long way toward keeping them.

Digital signage offers a dynamic and limitless way to enhance a captive audience's experience, regardless of your business. There are plenty of ways to passively educate, entertain, motivate, and retain your customers. Here are just a few examples:

1. show the schedule overruns, current health notices, the weather report, live traffic information, or the latest news. 

2. Upcoming industry events, workshops, or market trends

3. Display technological advancements or upgrades, specials or discounts, or customer testimonials.

4. Classic TV shows or streaming music videos

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Go to the profile of Marcella Walsh
almost 2 years ago

Check out this innovative company wanting to transform digital signage in healthcare, schools, workplaces and transportation hubs to offer a way to uplift and reduce stress in people:

Go to the profile of Brian Gorg
almost 2 years ago

What other objectives can an organization address with waiting room signage?  Perceived wait time through entertainment, product placement and upselling are the most well known waiting room applications.  My favorite I have ever heard of is the promotion of self exams and preventive health maintenance towards a population not comfortable discussing issues with their family or even their doctors.  The issue was diabetes and the education not only opened up discussions in the exam room but also showed increase patient-initiated solutions to diabetic prevention or control.  What a service and well worth the investment in the educational content.

Go to the profile of Joé Lloyd
almost 2 years ago

That is awesome Brian - maybe we could hear more from some of these companies and they could share their metrics :)