Connecting Cultures, Strengthening Teams: Our Experience with Microsoft Viva Connections

2020 presented numerous challenges and significant changes, especially in the workplace, as a result of the transformation imposed by the pandemic. In this context, we recognized that the optimal performance of a company is achieved when its employees can unleash their full potential.
Connecting Cultures, Strengthening Teams: Our Experience with Microsoft Viva Connections

In response to these challenges, we decided to implement Microsoft Viva Connections, a decision that proved to be a transformative experience. This platform played a crucial role in improving our internal communication and, therefore, our collaboration.

To kick off this improvement process, we conducted a thorough internal assessment to identify areas of opportunity. This evaluation involved internal surveys and personal interviews with the aim of understanding the existing challenges in our communication and collaboration. Subsequently, a multidisciplinary team was formed in charge of designing an optimal user experience. This team focused on customizing key aspects, such as the design of the intranet, the layout of widgets, and the management of shared information resources.

The implementation phase was carried out by our Research and Development (R+D) team, who were in charge of the technical configuration of Viva Connections in our Microsoft 365 environment. This process involved meticulous integration with critical internal tools like SharePoint and Teams.

During this implementation, we created custom widgets to provide our contributors with access to important news, team updates, internal events, and helpful links. In addition, key workflows and documents were integrated to facilitate quick and efficient access to relevant information.

After completing the implementation phase, we dedicated ourselves to training our teams in the effective use of Viva Connections. During these sessions, we emphasized the simplicity and accessibility of the platform, showing them how this tool could significantly improve their day-to-day collaboration.

After months of use and based on the valuable feedback received from users, we made continuous adjustments and improvements to the platform. These adjustments included the addition of new features designed to meet emerging needs, as well as the optimization of existing processes to deliver a smoother and more efficient experience.

The impact of Viva Connections on our organizational culture was very positive. Not only did the platform facilitate more effective and transparent communication across the organization, but it also improved collaboration between teams. Thanks to Viva Connections, our employees were able to share documents, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects more efficiently than ever before.

Personally, I believe that the incorporation of Viva Connections played a critical role in strengthening our culture, providing a space where we can share values, and further our mission and vision. Today, the platform has become a rallying point around a common purpose.

By @Sofia Perticaro Back Office & RRHH Manager

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