Community Highlight

Community Highlight

#ICYMI As this community begins to take shape, I would like to highlight a recent post by @Michael Pedersen , council member and former chair of our Tech Managers Council, along with all the great conversation that followed. It speaks to our collaboration, inspiration and overall community.

@Lee Dodson called it a "must read" and @David Labuskes shared that it was what he dreamt of when first envisioning the Xchange. 

Take a moment to learn about Michael and his Higher Education Technology Family and, to make sure you don't miss posts like his, be sure to follow the people and watch the Channels & Rooms of this fast-growing ProAV hub.

Make it yours. 

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11 months ago

Great highlight, @Lisa Matthews, CTS I'm adding the valuable and informative conversations in the Spanish Members Forum room started by @Ana Maria Restrepo referencing what has changed in companies with AV&IT integration.  Very much enjoying the contributions from @Mario Gonzalez @Iván Escipión Alegría Hasbún and @Juan Tamayo