CHANNEL4YOU, a creative agency for digital content and art

LEDDREAM Group presents the new image of CHANNEL4YOU, a creative agency for digital content and art
CHANNEL4YOU, a creative agency for digital content and art

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LEDDREAM Group, in its continuous commitment to innovation and digitalization, presents the new image of one of its companies, Channel4you, a digital creative agency specializing in concept design, production, and remote content management that captivates, excites, and connects with your audience.

The new visual identity of Channel4you reflects a youthful and modern image, focused on art, science, and digital technology. The rebranding includes a new logo, as well as a fresh color palette and typography. The new image of Channel4you, symbolizes technology and creativity

Channel4you, digital content media studio

With a functional, modern, and responsive interface, the new website provides users with a comprehensive view of the agency's services, ranging from graphic design to audiovisual production: 3D animation videos, motion graphics, and visual effects, anamorphic 3D design, VR/AR application development, digital marketing, and the creation of other visually appealing content from an artistic perspective. This includes nature, landscapes, colors, textures, and real-time dynamic content, as well as corporate content and other forms of communication that reinforce brand identity.You can find inspiration on our Instagram account. Check it out here!

The new website also features a dedicated section showcasing Inspiring Projects, where users can explore some of the agency's most impressive works. This section encompasses the entire process, from idea conception and design to video production and 3D content creation. Additionally, it presents different ad hoc pieces, unified themes with a common thread, sketches, and much more. All these contents are seamlessly integrated across various screen sizes and formats while maintaining the essence and style of the brands. Channel4you takes care of the remote management and control of all created content. Explore all our projects on LinkedIn.

Another interesting section is Lab, a creative space where designers showcase their own graphic design creations, and in some cases, you can even glimpse the creative process behind some of the company's works. Moreover, you can delve into how the agency achieves creating digital experiences that captivate and connect with their audience, leveraging innovation and creativity to serve their clients' marketing and communication needs.

The creative agency Channel4You has showcased its expertise in designing and creating immersive experiences through the successful execution of various projects for the LEDDREAM Group. With Channel4You, you can bring any project to life in a creative and innovative manner. To learn more about the services they offer, visit their website at: 

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Congratulations on your rebranding, @LEDDREAM Group. the new site beautifully conveys your work and brand and will certainly challenge your customers' creative thinking when imagining what's possible!

Go to the profile of LEDDREAM Group
about 1 year ago

Thank you @Lisa Matthews, CTS