Boss's Spectacular: Gisele's 33-Foot Holographic Marvel

The grandiose exhibit adjacent to London's Tower Bridge signifies the brand's latest venture into cutting-edge technology, adding to its impressive portfolio of innovative projects
Boss's Spectacular: Gisele's 33-Foot Holographic Marvel

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Imagine this... You are driving in London, and over the River Thames, you witness a 30-foot version of supermodel Gisele towering over the London Bridge. You wipe your eyes, realizing it's a hologram. In early February, the fashion brand Hugo Boss decided to elevate their product launch to a new level of technology. A towering digital supermodel and holographic Lee Min-ho headline Boss's groundbreaking Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, pioneering an unprecedented project.

How did they do it?

The three-dimensional holograms were crafted by capturing Bündchen and Min-ho within a dedicated set, employing appropriate hologram lighting and a rotating platform. Following capture, the figures are projected using 10-meter transparent LED screens and two specialized servers known as Disguise VX4+ media servers, tailored for handling large and intricate video content. This technology is engineered to function across various weather conditions and to adjust to different lighting environments.

These screens are strategically positioned on platforms within London's Potters Fields Park to prevent interference from pedestrians. Moreover, the display is enhanced with smoke effects and choreographed moving lights, enhancing the illusion of depth.

Photo: Hugo Boss
Photo: Hugo Boss

Why Holograms?

"Within the pages of Vogue Business, Nadia Kokni, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Communications at Hugo Boss' parent company, reflects, 'We contemplated ways to disrupt the endless scroll and reshape the storyline. Holograms provoke a second glance; they harbor a blend of familiarity and subtle unease.'"

"In a conversation with Vogue Business, Kokni highlights the allure of public holograms, noting their inherent accessibility — inviting anyone passing by to engage with the technology firsthand."

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