Behind the Research...

Behind the Research...

The value of research centers on the methods used to produce it.  But, some level of trust is usually involved.  For example, even if the survey sounds perfect, you weren't there collecting the data yourself!  So it does help to know the person behind the research. 

This week, I was honored as one of SCN's "The Nine", nine young professionals influencing the AV industry.  As I've been telling my friends, it's like the Forbes 30 Under 30, but more exclusive because there's only 9!  More seriously though, I was profiled as part of the list and thought that could be a good way to introduce myself.  The profile, written by Mark Pescatore, outlines my background at the Federal Reserve Board as well as my goal to produce impactful resource.  If you want to learn more about me, check it out here.

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5 months ago

Congrats, Peter!