BBC Ventures Invests in Pioneering Virtual Live Events Platform, Condense

BBC Ventures Invests in Pioneering Virtual Live Events Platform, Condense
BBC Ventures Invests in Pioneering Virtual Live Events Platform, Condense

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Immersive Live-Events Technology

BBC Ventures has made a significant investment of £500,000 in Condense's groundbreaking immersive live-events technology. This exciting development aims to engage younger audiences by allowing live performances to be streamed into a game-like virtual venue known as the New Music Portal.

Based in Bristol, Condense’s technology enables immersive live performances to be experienced in a virtual format, syncing perfectly with the BBC’s goal of capturing the attention of newer generations.

A Game-Changing Collaboration

Over the past year, BBC Radio 1’s New Music Show, hosted by Jack Saunders, has leveraged Condense's technology to bring a series of immersive live gigs to life. Notable artists such as Gardna, Charlotte Plank, and Sam Tompkins have performed, showcasing the platform’s capabilities.

Artists perform in a specially designed 'capture area' where every movement is meticulously picked up by Condense’s system. The performance is then transformed into a 3D model and streamed into the New Music Portal as a 'true-to-life' video, allowing it to be viewed from any angle.

Interactivity and Engagement

Fans can participate in these live events as avatars, joining the virtual venue from their mobile devices or laptops. This innovative setup allows fans to navigate the venue similar to a video game, enabling unprecedented levels of interaction and engagement between artists and their audiences.

Jeremy Walker, BBC’s Head of Ventures, stated:

"Condense’s expertise, technology, and experience in immersive live events make them the perfect partner to bring the best of the BBC to audiences in new and exciting ways. The partnership is already delivering value for viewers, and we are looking forward to using gaming as a new way to get our content to audiences."

Beyond Music: Exploring New Opportunities

The collaboration between BBC and Condense is not just limited to music. It also opens doors to explore the potential of this technology in various fields such as sports, education, and news. Walker added:

"We’ve established a dedicated team to explore opportunities in sport, education, news, and more."

Nick Fellingham, CEO of Condense, commented on the partnership:

"This partnership positions BBC audiences at the very forefront of the evolution of what it means to be a music fan in an age where people all over the world can now come together in-game to experience live music. You can attend a gig with your cousin who lives hundreds of miles away and share a real moment with your favorite artist through the New Music Portal."

A New Era for Live Broadcasting

This investment and collaboration mark the beginning of a new era for live broadcasting, bringing people closer together through the power of technology and immersive experiences. The BBC and Condense are leading the way, setting a new standard for how live events are experienced globally.

Credit: BBC and AV Magazine

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13 days ago
Thanks, Gibran. This is pretty cool. In addition to the concert/ entertainment type market they are target, they talk about their technology being used for streaming live corporate events. I don't see a pricing page on their website, but I can see where corporations can replace (or enhance) their virtual production studios with this set-up.  There is a 'Partner with Us' page with three different kits that can be used. Here are some links if anyone is interested in seeing more: