AWC Fundraiser for Rosie Riveters

The AVIXA Women's Council is excited to be raising funds in benefit of Rosie Riveters, a 501 c3 non-profit working to engage and inspire girls from diverse backgrounds in STEM.
AWC Fundraiser for Rosie Riveters

There is no true career path that leads young students and innovators to the Professional AV industry, let alone younger girls who only represent less than 20% of our industry entirely. The AVIXA Women’s Council believes that by supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs like the Rosie Riveters non-profit organization, we can intervene early in girls’ education to bring awareness to STEM careers such as those we occupy in Pro AV. By sparking an interest in our industry during formative years of education, girls can pursue various schooling and training paths that would lead them to a career in AV, which would have a direct positive impact on gender equity in Professional AV and Technology.

Rosie Riveters' goal is to close the gender gap in STEM; in 2019 women made up only 27% of the science and engineering workforce in the U.S. Their innovative STEM curriculum works toward achieving gender equity in the field by engaging preschool to middle school girls in programs that build participants' critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and overall confidence in STEM via productive struggle.

Funds will be used to create hundreds of hands-on and engaging STEM Kits for elementary-age girls (Kindergarten-5th Grade). Providing a rare, and oftentimes non-existent, opportunity for hands-on STEM learning and productive struggle for kit recipients.

You can learn more and contribute here or on the Go Fund Me page.

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