AV Meetup: Future Tech - Disruption to Adoption

AV Meetup: Future Tech - Disruption to Adoption

Get together with your tech peers to thrash out your thoughts on emerging tech - including, the reality of XR, the viability of the metaverse and mainstream virtual production at AVIXA Xchange Live at ISE.

Joe Way, Director, Learning Environments - University of Southern California, shares his thoughts:

Let’s discuss what our future will look like! @Ben Barnard and @Sanj Surati, what tech do you see in our future? 

See you on 31 January at ISE:

3Q400 - AVIXA Xchange Live Booth
16:00 - 16:45.

Don’t miss the full schedule for Xchange Live at ISE. 

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8 days ago

Exploring new and emerging technologies is the natural evolution of understanding where human behaviour will change. This discussion will be a great one to explore. I am very excited for this conversation.