AV Install Nightmares | AV Reacts

One Facebook group aims to be both entertaining and maybe even therapeutic for AV professionals who have seen crazy things in the field
AV Install Nightmares | AV Reacts

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Episode synopsis:

Have you ever been to a place and thought "wow, that is some great AV!" Well... this podcast episode will contain none of that. In this AV Reacts Halloween-special, I am joined by AVIXA's Elizabeth Burnham, as well as Jerrold Stevens, the founder of the AV Install Nightmares Facebook group and group admin Ivan Schwartz. Grab some popcorn and be prepared to get spooked by some truly scary AV stories.

Why you should watch:

If you have worked on any installation as an AV professional, you know that some things may not go according to plan. And if you have ever been a witness to a DIY install, you know that sometimes the will to do and the requisite skills and knowledge are not always working in tandem. At AVIXA, we want to empower the AV industry to do more and to always do better, but sometimes part of that is sharing examples of what NOT to do. If we can do so in a way that is both relatable and informative, that is the goal, but we know we are not alone in that desire. 

Some years ago, Jerrold Stevens and colleague Ivan Schwartz went to Facebook to make a platform for they and others to share their "Oh my gosh" stories. This group took on the name of AV Install Nightmares, and in just a short time has amassed more than 80,000 contributors! Truly, the AV community is united in not just successes, but even some eye-roll moments. 

"I was frustrated with some of the things I was seeing... and just wanted to share my pain." - Jerrold Stevens

Levity abounds in this episode of AV Reacts! We...

1. take a moment to describe the inception and growth of the AV Install Nightmares community,

2. share and rank some personal spooky stories "around the fire" from our own AV install nightmares, and

3. in the end, we close things out with some awards for the craziest posts we found on the group (where, just like in Whose Line is it Anyway, the whole thing is made up and points don't matter).

Watch the video above, watch it on AVIXA TV, or go audio-only on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

P.S. Why yes, that is a humidifier in the background. My guitars get thirsty.

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I was one of the original members of the group along with Jerrold in the late 2000's when we were all working in the Middle East and saw crazy AV stuff virtually on a daily basis. The reason this group is so popular, is because there is just so much material and fodder - proof the AV industry is full of cowboy operators. This is most prevalent in Asia, the Middle East & Africa and probably something AVIXA should put efforts into addressing?