AV Growth Continues Unabated

AV Growth Continues Unabated

The September Pro AV Business Index was just published, and the news is good! Growth came in high, proceeding at more or less the same rate as August--a month that itself was surprisingly strong. Economic storm clouds have gathered, with recession increasingly likely in the coming winter. Already GDP growth is not as strong as projections suggested at this time last year. But pro AV is resilient.

The months of steady in-person activity have bolstered confidence in end users, and that's leading to pro AV spending. How long this in-person return tailwind will last remains an open question. In live events, we expect it to last through 2024. In other vertical markets such as Education, that wind seems likely to be blowing itself out. All the same, the news overall is good!

For more information, including the growing impact of exchange rates as well as the latest on unemployment, you can see the full report here.

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