Ask the Experts Session: Power to the People

Build the team you need to succeed! Learn more from our panel of experts on the attraction and retention of a dedicated workforce.
Ask the Experts Session: Power to the People

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The pace of change in tech is accelerating. So, what approaches should we be using in today’s work environment to build the talent in our organizations and keep them? From inventive training and development activities to developing values and strong cultures, we gathered experts during InfoComm 2023 to answer your questions on the attraction and retention of your workforce.

Althea Ricketts, Vice President of Corporate Initiatives at Shure Incorporated; Tobi Tungl, CTS-D, VP – CTI; Melody Craigmyle, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Almo Corporation; and Jennifer Steinhardt, Associate AV Designer at Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC provided some insight during the Ask the Experts Session: Power to the People. Here are some of the key takeaways:

When it comes to recruiting talent:

  • Look to trade schools to find fresh talent.
  • Don’t let aspects that are associated traditionally with success like lack of eye contact steer you away from a potential candidate.

When it comes to retaining talent:

  • Show up for your team the same way you show up for your clients.

“How do you get people in and keep them? Craft an environment that is inclusive,” said Ricketts.

“Create an organization with shared values and objectives. [And] be aware of microaggressions,” agreed Steinhardt.

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