Apprenticeships = Sustainable Hiring Pathways

Apprenticeships = Sustainable Hiring Pathways

Take a page out of the Kings College playbook and build a bridge right into your hiring talent pool. Offering opportunities for real-world work experience through apprenticeships with local schools is the perfect way to create organic hiring pathways into any organization.

@Catherine Sharman and Kings College London took on 3 apprentices through the Middlesbrough College Audiovisual Technician Apprenticeship. After only 8 months, "[Kings]has promoted two of them already - a testament to the [Middlesbrough] course," says Sharman, AV Operations Manager. Kings staff has been so impressed they're going to round two, taking on three more apprentices to work across five campuses this fall.

@Rich Sasson  and @Crestron Electronics, Inc. have done the same with local technical colleges like Lincoln Tech and Sheffield Institute, to name a few. @Bruno Cruz and @Horst von Wallwitz at @Seal Telecom have leveled up and build their own Convergint Academy to house apprentices as they sample each department to find a great career path. I also know one @Oscar Maguey personally, who has rocketed to #avstardom through apprenticeship with @Maru Gaitan at Grupo Niza. 

Create your own hiring success story. Copy this template. Find schools in your backyard. Check out their programs - many have engineering, IT, electrical, audio, media, production, and more. All of them have missions to help students find viable careers.  All you have to do is start laying bricks. Before you know it a bridge is built.

Who else has success stories like these? Share in the comments!

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Go to the profile of Cristiano Mazza, CTS
4 months ago

I was very happy to read this post. It is a subject that I really like and I dedicate part of my weekly hours to it. I understand that an apprenticeship program is the future for us to maintain the grow and development of workforce in the AV market.

I have a history of learning within Discabos Group, where we sponsor an audiovisual course within a community school for low-income people in a region of São Paulo, Brazil. The course lasted 3 months and it was very interesting to see the dedication and interest of the young people. In the end we had 90% approval with a positive evaluation of 85% of the participants.

Finally, for those interested, we opened 1 apprentice position within the Discabos Group. There were 5 candidates and we ended up hiring one of them, Isaias.

Excellent boy, very dedicated (Every day he took 3 buses to get to the company, spent almost 5 hours a day on public transport). After about 6 months he got a steady job close to home and ended up leaving the company. We were very happy and rooted for his development within the market.

Go to the profile of Maru Gaitan
about 14 hours ago

Thank you Joseph for all your work!  Happy to collaborate with you anytime.