An update on AI/LLM-generated content on Xchange

An update on AI/LLM-generated content on Xchange

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Hey everyone! We wanted to reach out here to discuss something we've seen occasionally with content on Xchange: Posts that feature content largely generated by AI/Large Language Models (LLM).

While we continue to explore the possibilities afforded to us by generative AI, machine learning, and other automated functions, we want to ensure the content being posted here on Xchange is authentic. On top of affirming that real conversations are being had by real people, insights or responses produced by generative AI can be inaccurate or misleading, particularly for specific and technically-involved discussions.

With this, we would like to make clear that posts or comments generated by AI are not allowed on Xchange. Moderators may remove posts or comments believed to be AI-generated going forward; if you would like to appeal a deleted post or comment with moderators, please reach out to or navigate to the "Provide Feedback" link under the "Xchange Support & Feedback" drop-down in the sidebar. If you believe a post or comment has been generated using AI, please use the "Report Community Violations" link in the same drop-down.

We appreciate your understanding!

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