An Ethical Revolution in Tech

During this interactive session on the AVIXA Xchange Live stage, our panel discussed ways to turn the workplace into a safe space for each employee to thrive.
An Ethical Revolution in Tech

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During this interactive session on the AVIXA Xchange Live stage, a cross-section of the industry came together to discuss how we can be personally accountable to create safe workplaces that invite diversity of every kind and create safe spaces for each of us to thrive. This session embraced real-world examples and invited the audience to take away real-world actions.

Host Shelby Hill, Ph.D., President for Next Leader Up spoke with Kelly Bousman, MA, SVP Marketing for AVI-SPL Tampa; Mark Coxon, CTS-I, CTS-D, Business Development Director for AVI-SPL Los Angeles; and Joe' Lloyd, Senior Director of Business Development for AVIXA.

So, what can you do to move the needle?

To begin with, it’s important to have workplace etiquette. That means treating people how they would want to be treated. To do that, you need to learn more about the people who you are working with.

“You can hire with intention, but if there is not a safe space, they will not and cannot stay,” said Bousman. “Try new things and ideas, bring in new people. Bring micro affirmations in your workplace throughout the day. If you see someone getting glossed over, help lift them up by bringing attention to them. Ask them to say more about their point. Be inviting and welcoming, work on how you can give others a path. Be intentional and inclusive as social awareness is important at every level.”

“There are many types of people who aren’t extroverts, and we need to recognize that and bring their voices forward, too,” Joe’ added. “Be an advocate, be an ally. My favorite part of being a manager is empowering people to perform and contribute in their current job or the next.”

“Sometimes we don’t realize the impact we have on other people,” said Coxon. “Listen to other experiences with empathy. If you are a manager, ask for anonymous feedback from the group after a meeting. And think about channels to communicate. There is something to posting anonymously on a whiteboard.”

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Thank you for the recap, @Iulia Popescu. Indeed, everyone has something to contribute! I've always found it fascinating to discover how to pull that out of each person (as well as myself!). I love each of the contributions shared above and would like to see this list of ideas/methods expanded upon. @Kelly Bousman, @Shelby Hill, @Joé Lloyd, @Mark Alan Coxon, are there additional resources or ideas you'd like to share, or others you'd like to tag into the conversation? 

Xchange members, do you have an experience you'd like to share, or a method used in your workplace that has proven helpful? 

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10 months ago

This is such an important topic and one that I am so proud to have been a part of. A top down strategy will never fully flourish without the adoption and execution of its people - we are all responsible to our peers and co-workers. Thank you for sharing and thank you for attending if you had a chance to be there and take part. Our audience participation was amazing <3