A&T at CMDA, IT Expo

A&T at CMDA, IT Expo

As the official partner for the CMDA awards night, we didn't just stop there. We presented global technologies customized for various industries’ conferencing and collaboration needs.

Also, A&T spearheaded an insightful panel discussion on the “Convergence of AV and IT in a post-COVID world”. A big thank you to our distinguished panelists - our MD, Mr. Ashwin Desai, Dr. Ratta, Paediatric Surgeon at Ruby Hall Clinic and Mr. Avinash Abnave, MD of Innovative Techub Group. Our director, Mr. Koreth Mathew skillfully moderated the discussion.

Overall, our live demonstrations and discussions provided a platform for deep conversation and knowledge sharing, helping our partners and clients understand the fast-changing world of conferencing.

To know more about us- https://www.atnetindia.net/

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Congratulations on a successful event, @Koreth Mathew. I'm intrigued by your panel discussion on the Convergence of AV and IT focused on the healthcare community. Can you share some of the key outcomes of that discussion as well as the applications presented in your live demonstrations? 

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2 months ago

It sounds like everyone had a great night. That's awesome!