A Day in Barcelona

What are the must-sees in this Mediterranean gem?
A Day in Barcelona

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Image credit @Vincente Zambrano

When do you arrive? If you're planning to fly in over the weekend, how will you spend your time in beautiful Barcelona? 

If you're a local or have had the fortune of visiting the area before, please share your list of sightseeing favorites. Surely Gaudi's Casa Batlló (get inspired through AVIXA's "How They'd Do That") and Sagrada Familia top the list. But what about the equally famous art, music, literature, and world-class cuisine (join the conversation here: Calling All AVFoodies!)? 

Visiting Barcelona

Here are a couple of sites that jumped out to me:

Getting Around

@Peter Schädel has provided details on how to access four days of free transportation, as well as a link to an interactive map, in his recent post, "Public Transport included."

Here's additional information on the vast transportation network from Visit Barcelona: Getting around the city.

So, share your insider tips below and be sure to "Watch" this ISE Room to stay updated on activities surrounding the show!

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Go to the profile of David Keene
over 1 year ago

Barcelona, great city that I love (my father grew up there and my grandparents had a long and amazing life there). There will plenty of tips from all corners on food, food+wine, and more food. Here's my tip: maybe not as extreme right near the convention center where they're used to many conventioneers and tourists, but in Spain generally, where the locals go: If you walk into a restaurant at 6-7pm, they'll probably ask you if you're coming in to recover something you accidentally left there at lunch (i.e. around 3-4pm). Dinner time generally in Spanish restaurants: starts getting semi-busy at 9pm, and peak time is closer to 11pm. Good news: at 7pm you can probably have your pick of tables. This is more so in summer. And again, places that cater to visitors' expense accounts will vary. I love the late night hours – midnight dinner in Barcelona and Madrid, I've been to a bunch of them...

My favorite Spanish dish: Black rice, in spanish: "arroz negro"... think a paella-like dish, but the "black" is: squid ink. The rice is prepared with squid ink. You can get it pretty simple, or in variations up to a full paella-like dinner. Arroz Negro with added squid and/or shrimp– will make your trip to ISE worth it before you even see a single dv LED wall.