516 LED Panel Screen Boosts Business at Virtual Production Studio

Silvertown Studios has made a successful transition into virtual production with the help of cutting-edge LED technology...
516 LED Panel Screen Boosts Business at Virtual Production Studio

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Founded during the pandemic, the original company London Audio Visual undertook a change of course as the events industry was closed, resulting in a need to diversify.

Following a strong initial period, the company decided to open a 550 sq metre VP studio in Silvertown, in London’s Royal Docks. Specialising in large scale events in VP, film, television and broadcast, the studio has steadily grown to offer a range of services to a wide portfolio of clients.

The Absen screen at Silvertown Studios consists of 516 LED panels of the PL2.5 Pro. With a ⅛ scan rate and pixel pitch of 2.5mm this is an industry leading standard LED for virtual productions. The broadcast-grade panels emit 1,500 nit brightness, whilst also incorporating Brompton processing.

The system offers support for full 4K screens with 12 bits per colour output. The processor’s Shuttersync feature tunes the LED screen to the camera, giving creative flexibility for camera configuration.

Read more here: Absen screen brings business in at Silvertown Studios (avinteractive.com)

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