Cómo mejorar la acústica para tener mejor calidad en audio conferencias

Estas láminas son la presentación que Lina Maria Villa, CX Coordinator para Sound United, compartió en el webinar "Cómo mejorar la acústica para tener mejor calidad en audio conferencias" , donde repaso conceptos y abordó tips para mejorar la inteligibilidad y calidad de nuestras conferencias.

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about 1 year ago

Buenos Dias, Sergio. My Spanish is limited, but I could follow Lina Maria's presentation, because I do a similar presentation for my clients. I go further, to explain clients' needs and expectations. After they understand that their room needs acoustic treatment, they want to know: how much treatment will be needed, what will it cost, what will it look like, when can you complete the treatment? 

If you and Lina Marie would like, I will share my procedures and explanations with you. 

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for folowing the presentation and your offer to share. Please do, Xchange is all about sharing and interchanging ideas end even better, knowledge, and you can do it in english if you prefer and we can hep you translating if needed.

Saludos desde México